09.09.2016 - The procession...

...provides us with a picture of our own lives: The people of God in transit. What and Who is their destination? This persistent, age-old question is more pertinent than ever today.The 2019 Hanswijk ...

02.08.2016 - Procession 2019: Sunday the 19th of May 2019


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Every year since 1272 – for more than 700 years – the Hanswijk procession has made its way through the streets of Mechelen.  This probably makes it the oldest procession in Belgium. Hanswijk is an old district of Mechelen, where Mary has been venerated since time immemorial and which is also renowned for its fine, imposing Basilica of Our Lady of Hanswijk. 

Hanswijk Procession 19/05/2019

 The procession reflects our own lives: people in transit. What or who is our destination?

The Hanswijk procession has its origins in the promise made in 1272 to carry the statue of Mary through the city every year: a tradition that has been maintained for more than seven centuries.

Preparation 750th anniversary

Being loyal to a tradition however does not necessarily mean always doing it the same way. In 2019, in preparation for its 750th anniversary in 2023, it will come to expression in a simple prayer procession. Various statues of Mary will be invited to participate in the procession. These different statues draw attention to Mary's numerous qualities.

They will accompany Our Lady of Hanswijk on her journey through Mechelen, while evoking the same intense and meditative prayer.